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Stop Hiccups Instantly! Really...?

When is the last time you have seen a bunny rabbit? This is my favorite state break and works amazingly well to stop hiccups. Next time you encounter someone with hiccups ask them "When is the last time you have seen a bunny rabbit?" Then, really get interested, front yard or back yard? Did he stay or hop off? What color was he/she? Was it a he or she? THEN casually ask, are you hiccups gone now?


AMAZINGLY hiccups are gone! I have only experienced one person that this did not work on, out of hundreds of people. Amaze your family, friends and especially strangers! This works surprisingly well. One person at the coffee shop was shocked, she was visibly concerned of my super powers. Try it and you will believe it! Buy the t-shirt and have a conversation about it! Stop hiccups and save the world.  ( :

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