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Completely Annihilate and Let Go of Negative Emotions

What an incredible statement. Is it possible? How much better the world would be if we could let go of anger. Well let's talk about what anger is. Anger is a state of mind. If we are angry, we are in a state of anger. If we are happy we are in a state of happiness. It is a fact that we can change our state from one state to another. From a problem state to a working state. Are you with me still?

Often people are chasing after happiness. "The pursuit of happiness". But this often shows up as an addictive behavior. Drugs, sex, lies, I need a drink, I eat when I am sad, I spend too much money to buy things I can't afford that make me feel better about myself ...for just a brief moment. Happiness is not consistently, or deeply day I will be happy, if only I have " ".

Happiness is a state. Any moment you want to achieve the state of happiness, just go back to a time that you were ridiculously happy. What do you see, hear, how does it feel? So there is no chasing happiness. It is yours to have, any time you want it and will it to happen! Are you with me still?

Back to anger or any negative emotion for that matter. Is it possible to completely let go of a negative emotion? Yes. Absolutely. The technique is Time Line Therapy®

A little Gestalt psychology theory here. Let's go way back to when we are a child and just forming the meaning of emotions. Something happens, we don't get our way, our toy breaks, bee sting, etc. (something makes us angry) and neurologically, we start to form this association of the trigger with the feeling of the emotion of anger (a state). Over time, these same states of anger, different intensities, form a string of this emotion neurologically, a gestalt. An actual physical memory location in the brain.

With Time Line Therapy® any past negative emotion can be annihilated. Not only the memories emotional intensity and control, but from that point forward to the present, all of the subsequent events are emotionally diminished. This leaves you with a clean slate to move forward. It is an amazing experience to see the lifting of the weight off of someones spirit, to be free of past negative emotions that previously had held them hostage, in the past that they could not change on their own. Anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt gone!

Would that be of value to you, to have that ability? Do negative emotions hijack your common sense and create a problem for you? Contact us and we can help!

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