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How To Like Each Other

How to LIKE each other. Prayer requests for building trust, caring for and loving each other. In relationships, there are 3 key elements; communication, commitments, and trust. This Sheriff communicates his intentions, delivers on his promise and builds AUTHENTIC trust with the peaceful protestors. Keeping our commitments and promises (or not) builds or destroys trust. Trust that has been torn down ABSOLUTELY can be rebuilt. IT ALL STARTS WITH BUILDING RAPPORT.

Rapport is the FOUNDATION of communication and if the conversation is not working IT IS BECAUSE THERE IS NO RAPPORT. Think about that for a moment... Without rapport, your communication is in breakdown (on a subconscious level below conscious awareness) and you have turned OFF the channel of communication. Without communication, we are stuck in the past. I truly believe all things are possible and we will move forward and we will get through this together. IT ALL STARTS WITH BUILDING RAPPORT. IT ALL STARTS WITH BUILDING RAPPORT. IT ALL STARTS WITH BUILDING RAPPORT.

"People who are like each other like each other." This is the foundation of building RAPPORT. This Sheriff removes his gear and becomes more human. In neuro-linguistic programming terms N.L.P., mirroring the crowd and these beautiful peaceful protestors who mirror this back. What if getting along was just this simple? I'm here to tell you it is. What we focus on expands. I pray we continue to validate and celebrate our difference and even more that we continue to move forward and look for the infinite things we have in common.

People who are like each other, like each other, it's in our DNA. We are all humans.

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