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Why Down The Rabbit Hole?

I want to share with you my quick story and journey to becoming a hypnotist. Hi. My Name is David Youhas a board registered Master Practitioner Hypnotist. I originally started with Tony Robbins audio books. I became fascinated with, the ability to make rapid movement and change toward a goal and transformation of self. Using a technique of Tony’s C.A.N.I. Constant and Never Ending Improvement, I lost over 100 pounds and ran 6 marathons in two years. My first official training down this hypnosis path, was with Landmark Education.

During that first class, I made a declaration to others, I would become a performance coach one day. I remember afterward having doubt and negative self talk, telling myself, that will not happen. It seemed so far out of reach! But within a short period of time, my declaration was actualized. “The real measure of intelligence is action” Napoleon Hill. And this is the difference between the dreamer and the self empowered.

I continued on toward becoming a Performance Coach. I went through a year of training, traveling back and forth between Illinois and Arizona. Becoming a C.P.C. certified performance coach. Each training pointed me farther down the rabbit hole, to see what was possible. And what is possible when someone gets intentional? The seemingly impossible becomes possible. It is not that something is impossible but that it appears impossible.

We need more resources to help us shine some light on our path, to see what we don’t know we don’t know. It is impossible to create anything if we don’t see it in our minds eye FIRST. When we see it, and the steps toward it... It is already possible and the only thing left to do is move forward on the path of action toward it, and it is absolutely yours!

In my Performance coach training, I was introduced to N.L.P. Neuro Linguistic Programming and the work of Milton Erickson. Milton Erickson a world recognized pioneer hypnotherapist in our last century. I continued training and became certified as a N.L.P. Practitioner. I made the declaration to become a Master Practitioner in N.L.P. I also trained and achieved a C.R.C. certification in Relationship Coaching.

After my introduction with Milton Erickson, I realized that N.L.P. is sorta kinda already something like hypnosis. N.L.P. is a popular and fascinating field used professionally around the world. N.L.P. is not a deep trance but perhaps a speaking hypnosis, consciously to the subconscious. So I finally squared up to training in hypnosis. My master practitioner N.L.P. declaration was finally actualized in 2017.

I am now a board registered Master Practitioner Hypnotist. Additionally, I trained and received a master practitioner in N.L.P. coaching and Time Line Therapy®. And during that training... I was introduced to David Elman, a world recognized pioneer hypnotist from the last century during Milton Ericson’s time. What is fascinating about David Elman is that his technique is fast, like under 3 minutes to trance induction and highly effective.

This had my curiosity and of course, in February of 2018 I went and trained at the Elman Institute under David’s son Larry and wife Cheryl Elman. The D.E.I. or Dave Elman Induction is used around the world to this day, and recognized by any circle of hypnotists. In April 2018 I opened the doors to my hypnosis practice in Danville Illinois, at the Towne Centre office building. I am so excited at what the future holds and the best thing is that I get to work with people, facilitate and guide incredible life changes for the good!

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