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Learn Hypnosis and NLP Class!

Come join us and learn hypnosis and NLP

When: Saturday June 30, 2018. 9am - 1pm

Where: University of Illinois on campus YMCA.

Cost $49

David Youhas, owner of Stop It Hypnosis, and the host of the podcast Awaken The Mind - The NLP And Hypnosis Guide. David is a board registered, Master Practitioner Hypnotist, and Master NLP and Time Line Therapy® practitioner. Learn self hypnosis and NLP. Learn what hypnosis is and how to use it. Learn how to change a negative un-resourceful state into a positive resourceful state, in yourself and in others quickly. Learn a conflict tool - that will resolve conflicts in your life and others. Learn powerful tools to make a positive impact in your life. Learn how to get in rapport with others easily.

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