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A.T.M. Awaken The Mind Podcast

Announcing our podcast and what's coming up! They say that if you want to become excellent at something teach it. The concept and purpose behind the A.T.M. podcast is to educate others in the value of hypnosis, NLP and coaching, while making it attractive and have a whole new look, feel and sound, to a new generation. You will recognize this in our show theme song. When I contacted a rapper to write produce and film the video, he was quite interested in NLP and hypnosis. I said "that when I say hypnosis and rap in the same sentence seems ridiculous, means we have to do this." I believe it was Tony Robbins who coined the phrase If you can't you must, and if you must you can" a powerful reframe and state change.

I am blown away at the results of the song and grateful to the artist and producer, for their efforts and creativity. Excellent work. So... if you are new to hypnosis, it's probably nothing like you believe it is. There is a pre conceived idea propagated in society, media and even some religions that it is not a good thing, and many other ideas that are not true.

The fact is, that we have this unconscious mind that is driving the bus with beliefs, before the real bus driver, our conscious mind is aware of it. So when we decide to turn left, right, continue forward or go backward, consciously we think we made that decision, however, the belief of what is the best path, on an unconscious level has already been determined. Who is driving the bus? Good question and would you like to influence that unconscious to move you toward what you really want?

I am excited to begin our taping of first shows! As soon as we have several shows completed we will go public with our podcast.

Do you want to be considered to be show guest? Are you a Coach, NLP, Hypnotist, or Time Line Therapy® practitioner or trainer? Have you written a book, have services or a training institute? I want you! I want to interview you for our Awaken The Mind podcast, share your story with the world and the transformational value you bring to clients, and the industry. If you are interested please message me. or call 217-487-2623

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